May 24 2022

Empowering Advocates – Richler’s Story

Richler - A Story of Advocacy. 11 years old. 36lbs. Last March, we conducted our very first Community Advocate training program, where we invited ten caregivers of former Middle Ground patients to be our pilot participants. In this three-day course, we focused on recognizing the subtle signs of malnutrition, how to refer children for treatment, and disseminating information in the main areas linked to malnutrition prevention - nutrition, hygiene, and safe water practices, within their ...
May 17 2022

18 May – Haitian Flag Day

What Is Haitian Flag Day? Flag Day is a Haitian holiday dedicated to celebrating the Revolution that gave the Haitian people freedom from France (which in turn set the precedent for slave uprisings in the United States years later). Flag day is celebrated every year on 18 May, which is the anniversary of the date that the flag was created, in 1803. Haitian Heritage Month is an expansion of Haitian Flag Day, a major celebration ...
Apr 3 2022

Beginning the Battle | March Admits

Beginning the Battle March Admits March felt like it crept up on us here at Middle Ground, it feels like we just celebrated the new year, and somehow we're already starting the second quarter of 2022. One of the reasons it felt so fast is because we have been so BUSY. Last month we admitted 12 kids for inpatient care! We got a ton of tiny babies as well as a whole bunch of kids ...
Apr 2 2022

Warriors Of Victory | March 2022 Graduates

Warriors Of Victory - March 2022 Graduates Each month the transformations of children at Middle Ground seem to get more and more precious to watch. As we continue to develop our programs to meet the evolving needs of those we serve, we get to know these families on a deeper level than ever before. Seeing a baby who was once on the brink of death come charging back in our gates full of life during ...
Mar 31 2022

Where Are They Now – Lourania and Bervelineda

In the fall of 2017, teeny tiny twins, Lourania and Bervelineda were brought to Middle Ground after the death of their mother. They were 1.5 months old, and each weighed just 4lbs 14oz. We will never understand how they had the strength to survive for over 6 weeks at home before being admitted to our inpatient unit. The girls were immediately treated with strong antibiotics and high-calorie formula, and they thrived. By the time they ...

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