Oct 1 2020

Beginning the Battle | September Admits

Beginning the BattleSeptember Admits September seems to have flown by, we kept busy at Middle Ground admitting 8 little ones to begin their fight against severe malnutrition. We are continuing to see the number of children seeking treatment at Middle Ground increase as the effects of recents storms and ongoing astronomical food prices continue to take their toll on the population. On September 7th a 4.5 year old little boy was admitted for treatment. We ...
Sep 1 2020

Beginning the Battle | August Admits

Beginning the BattleAugust Admits The beginning of August was busy at Middle Ground, with 6 little ones admitted in the first half of the month. We saw more severe cases than we have seen in many weeks and our staff were busy keeping everyone medically stable, as well as comforting parents and getting them settled in and used to life at Middle Ground. On August 6th two little girls, “DS” and “DA” were admitted within ...
Aug 1 2020

Beginning the Battle | July Admits

Beginning the BattleJuly Admits Today I want to introduce you to the 5 little ones who joined us at Middle Ground this past month. Each of these sweet babies (and their mamas) are fighting through the treacherous early days of malnutrition treatment. They don’t feel well, and they are scared. The next few days and weeks will be filled with a range of complicated physical and emotional feelings from everyone as the pain starts to ...
Jul 22 2020

Where Are They Now? | Mayco & Maylande

Where Are They Now? Mayco & Maylande My (Rhyan) personal favorite success story of 2019 was a brother/sister duo named Mayco and Maylande. Their family was no stranger to Middle Ground, Maylande had been treated in our inpatient program in 2016 when she was 2.5 years old. Maylande had severe kwashiorkor but under the care of our medical staff, she recovered and returned home to her family. For a few months Maylande faithfully came to ...
Jul 1 2020

Beginning the Battle | June Admits

Beginning the BattleJune Admits These are the babies who are just beginning their battle against severe malnutrition.  Meet the little ones who were admitted into our inpatient treatment program over the past month.  7 month old baby girl “M” was admitted into inpatient care on June 15th. Little “M” had been sick with diarrhea and vomiting for several weeks, which had caused her to become malnourished. When she was admitted “M” weighed just 10lbs. M’s ...
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