Oct 3 2021

Beginning the Battle | September Admits

Beginning the Battle September Admits It's crazy even to be saying this, but it almost feels like September was a quiet month. I guess it's relative. The political unrest remains critical. Kidnapping and violence are still daily occurrences, but no major natural disasters rocked the country this month, and our admissions slowed a bit from the staggering numbers we saw in August. We are still anticipating record levels of patients will be treated before the ...
Sep 16 2021

Phillippe and Maquilene – The Future That We Need

When my phone alerted me to a new message one day in early June I casually picked it up and opened the photo. What I saw took my breath away. Our friend Joel had seen a child at his clinic in Baie d'Orange that morning who was 11 years old and weighed a shocking 27lbs. When I saw the picture they sent my heart dropped. Severe swelling crept up his feet all the way to ...
Sep 6 2021

Milk Miracle Monday – Remancia, A 3.5lb Miracle

On April 26th, 2020 an impossibly tiny baby girl slipped into the world. Remancia was born at a local hospital and was discharged to go home with her mama less than 6 hours later, even though she weighed less than 4lbs. For 3 weeks this little fighter girl and her dedicated mama, Valencia struggled trying to breastfeed, until finally on May 18th their neighbor told them about Middle Ground. Valencia immediately set out on the ...
Aug 27 2021

Beginning the Battle | August Admits

Beginning the Battle August Admits As many of you know, on August 14th Haiti suffered a powerful 7.2 earthquake. While our properties are far enough from the epicenter to escape unscathed, our hearts are deeply burdened for those in the southwest peninsula of Haiti who experienced devastating damage. Over 2,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands more have been left homeless. For many of us at Middle Ground, this earthquake stirred up deeply buried ...
Aug 27 2021

The Dignity Of A Signature – Jackson Writes His Name

Jackson was 10 years old when his baby sister Misena was treated for severe malnutrition at Middle Ground. Misena was very sick when she arrived in our care but fought like a warrior and after 45 days she was declared fully recovered by our medical staff, and discharged to return home. Unfortunately, just 6 months later Misena relapsed, and despite the incredible efforts of our medical staff on April 14th 2020, 2.5-year-old Misena died of ...
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