Since 2016 nearly 250 students have benefited from the Middle Ground education assistance program. Each recipient student was once severely malnourished and fought for their life in our treatment center. When children come to Middle Ground, their families are in the grips of extreme need. Because school is not free in Haiti, most families cannot afford the high school fees. We are dedicated to making a way for every single children who has graduated from our programs access to an education they most definitely deserve!

Sponsorship is a yearly donation of $375 per child and changes their future forever. Without assistance, it is likely that most of these children would not have the opportunity to attend school. Your gift truly makes the difference between a child simply surviving to radiantly thriving!

When you donate to our school sponsorship program, you’re covering the tuition fees for a year, providing a stipend for school supplies (including uniforms) and encouraging children that their talents & dreams are seen, celebrated and worth investing in!

100% of the funds raised through this campaign go directly to the students.

**If there is a specific child you would like to sponsor, be sure to select their name from the drop-down list. If you do not make a selection, we will assign a student based on urgency**