Contribute a piece of the puzzle
and join the fight against malnutrition

It’s almost impossible to believe we are about to enter the last month of 2019. This entire year has been one of such encouraging growth and advancement for Middle Ground, we set goals that felt impossible but as we near the end of the year we are seeing so many of those impossible things accomplished! One of our biggest goals of this year was to build our donor base and see our budget increase enough to run all of our programs with no deficit. We are THRILLED that as we have made significant steps in making that happen. We have been searching our brains for a fun way to get all of our donors involved in working together to set up for the new year, and our fantastic designer Jenna came up with a gorgeous piece of art that is going to help.

As most of you know, we have a phrase from a song that has been on the wall of every single property that Middle Ground has ever inhabited. The before and after photos of every child who has been treated in any of our programs is taken in front of these words. Jenna did us the honor of taking the creole translation of this phrase and made it into a beautiful 500 piece jigsaw puzzle which we are now “selling” for $10 per piece. For each piece you “buy” we will put your name, or the name of a loved one, on the back and when this puzzle is complete it will be framed with glass on each side so we can see not only the beautiful message of life proclaimed, but also the names of all of the people who help to bring this statement to fruition at Middle Ground every single day. Once all 500 pieces have your names filling them we will have raised an incredible $5,000.

Since the unrest began many months ago we have seen a significant increase in the needs of the families that we serve. Everything from food to medical care costs more. With the public hospitals overrun we have had no choice but to turn to private hospital care for the children that are beyond our capabilities at the center. Each of these small but very significant needs has added up and the extra funds brought in by this last fundraiser of the year will allow us to meet the growing needs of our current families and continue to provide  malnutrition treatment for those who seek refuge within our walls. 

Thank you for helping us reach this last big goal of 2019, and for your support in enabling Middle Ground to continue our work in the coming year!

Help us make a difference in the lives of malnourished kids in Haiti!