advisory group

The Middle Ground Advisory Group is comprised of individuals, ministry and community leaders who believe in the mission of Middle Ground. The vision of this advisory group is not to serve as a governing board, but rather to promote and support the success of the ministry. In doing so, this group will be assisting Middle Ground’s mission and vision to fight against malnutrition and promote family preservation and sustainability where every child can thrive at home with their family. 

What does it mean to be a member of the Middle Ground Advisory Group?

  • Serve as a support system to Middle Ground.
  • Attend 3-4 quarterly meetings through video conference or in person.
  • Accept specific fundraising goals (which will be determined quarterly) to get in monthly/annual/ one time support donations through one or more of the following avenues: 
  • Corporate monthly or annual gifts
  • Church monthly or annual gifts
  • Host an event in your home, church or business
  • Invite other business, church or personal contacts to give
  • Allow the use of your name or company affiliation to promote and publicize Middle Ground.
  • Invite friends, family and contacts to support the Middle Ground movement.

If you are interested in being a member of the Middle Ground Advisory Group email for more information.