frequently asked questions


I want to help! What can I do?

First of all - thanks! The biggest way you can help is by giving financially to help cover the cost of our programs and our staff’s salaries. But there are other ways you can bless our organization as well - by sewing for us, hosting a fundraiser, purchasing things from our needs list… check out our Get Involved page for more information!

Can I come and volunteer for you at the center?

We have fantastic Haitian staff that are doing a great job of helping parents care for their children during their time with us, so we prefer to keep our volunteer opportunities project-based. That being said, we have openings for teams once a month. As well as 2 weeks in the summer that individuals can come and help out. If you’re interested in volunteering, email for more information.

Can I donate my professional services to Middle Ground?

We love to have people come and offer their professional skills at our center, working alongside our Haitian staff. If you’re interested, start a conversation with us!

Can I come for a tour of your center if I am in Haiti?

Visitors are our favorite, and we love showing people around the center and telling our story. Message us and we’ll set something up!

Does Middle Ground accept donations of supplies?

We do! We try to buy as much as possible in-country, but sometimes things are either unavailable or too expensive to buy here. We have a wishlist for ongoing needed items on Amazon, if you would like to donate from this list, it’s always very much appreciated! You can have these items shipped to our warehouse address: 5365 270th Avenue, Granite Falls, MN 56241-1432


Are you a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the United States?

We are a registered non-profit organization in the U.S. Our Tax ID number is: 82-3634152.

Are you a registered organization in Haiti?

We have approval from the government to run our organization in Haiti. The official registration documentation is being processed, but as this can take several months - or even years - to receive, we are currently operating with specific permission from the agencies while they finish the process.

Are you a registered charity in Canada?

We aren’t… yet. But we’re working on it!

Am I eligible for a tax receipt?

Middle Ground is able to provide a U.S. tax receipt for donations of any amount.
For more information contact:

Where can I find information on your sources of income and expenditures?

You can check out our financial page here. If what you’re looking for isn’t on that page, you can contact us for more information.

How much do you spend on fundraising?

For 2018, we have allocated 2% of our annual project budget towards fundraising. The majority of our marketing and communications services are donated, which allows us to keep our costs for this so low.

How can I change my address or other personal information?

To change your personal info, you can contact our Communications Coordinator at

I wish to give financial support to a specific foreign member of your staff. How do I go about giving to that particular person?

To support a specific person on our staff, click on the $ icon in their bio on our staff page.

I'd prefer to donate via check. Where should I send it?

If you prefer to donate via check, please make them out to Espwa Berlancia. We haven't been able to switch over our bank account yet to "Middle Ground", as our Executive Director will need to travel to the United States to do so. 

You can send the checks to: 

Po Box 16803
Alexandria, VA 22302


Why malnutrition?

Middle Ground primarily treats malnutrition because it is a main symptom of the overwhelming poverty that many families in Haiti face. Children facing malnutrition don’t have the luxury of waiting for a long-term solution to their family's struggles, so we are here to meet that immediate need. For more information on the need for malnutrition clinics in Haiti, click here.

Do you do orphan care?

We do not do orphan care at Middle Ground. For more information as to why, check out the next question.

Why are you passionate about family preservation vs. orphan care?

One of the values and missions here at Middle Ground is family preservation. We believe that children should be raised by the families that love them and gave them life. However, every situation is different and sometimes it is not safe or possible for a child to grow up with their biological family. If this is the case for any of our patients, we work together with Haitian social services (IBESR) to try to find a member of their extended family or a foster family in Haiti so that the child can be raised within the culture they were born into. As a last resort, we will turn to group homes to place children. We do our best to keep children out of institutionalized settings whenever possible.

Are you religiously affiliated?

Middle Ground is an organization motivated by the love of Christ and founded on the values of Christianity. To read more about what we believe, check out our Statement of Faith.

Do you partner with other organizations in Haiti?

We love partnering with like-minded organizations in Haiti. We often have children referred to us by other organizations, and will refer children to organizations best suited for their care if we cannot provide it ourselves. We also have several organizations that partner with us for the programs we offer - Espere Counselling, Harvest107, Caris, and Chances 4 Children are just a few of our partners here on the ground.

What’s next for Middle Ground?

We’re glad you asked! We are an organization of dreamers and are always thinking of ways we can expand our programs to work towards our vision: a country where every child can thrive at home with their family. For now, we’re planning a move to our new facility - where we hope to stay for the next number of years. Long-term, we’re dreaming up the construction of compound that will be customized to be the perfect place for our organization. Stay tuned...