create for us

We appreciate it when people want to use their creative talents, and time to help us! We have put together some easy-to-follow instructions for some items that we constantly need here at the center. Feel free to take a look at these ideas and have some fun personalizing them from you or your group.

Patient Scrubs

All children in our inpatient malnutrition center wear patient scrubs. These white, hospital style, scrubs are easy to clean and allow for easy access for advanced medical care.

Hygiene Kits

These hygiene kits are given to each child and caregiver on admission into the inpatient malnutrition program.

Busy Bags

These busy bags, which are filled with interesting things to play with and explore, will be used by children and their families as they recover from malnutrition in our inpatient center.

not feeling creative?

Visit our Amazon wish list to purchase items that we need in Haiti