Outpatient Programs Center
Cost: $1,730
Percentage Covered: 12%
Our outpatient programs center is a hub of activity. This is where we host all of our programs, from outpatient malnutrition treatment to our maternal health program, there are countless classes and programs happening every day in this little area. In the new property we are thrilled that we will have an entire {very busy} building dedicated just to this space! The programs center consists of 3 main spaces:

Consultation Room: This is a room where our medical team will meet with patients & their families privately on program days. This gives them a chance to visit about sensitive topics and receive their medical exams in a safe and private space.

Education Room: All of the families that we serve receive nutritional and health education during our program days, as well as lots of group activities like counseling groups (led by Espere Community Counseling Center) and Bible studies. This large room also serves as a space for our guided playgroups, where trained staff members help parents to learn new ways to play with their children and encourage their development.

The third area of this building is dedicated to our counseling room, which has its own campaign section below!

In order to make this space work perfectly for our programs and help us expand to serve even more families, we need to add benches for seating for everyone, as well as some fans to keep everyone comfortable in the classroom area, a custom built surface for examinations, and supply storage. We’ll also need to purchase additional equipment like high quality scales, a fire extinguisher, and a locking cabinet.
Transition Room
Cost: $1,820
Percentage Covered: 50%
The children in our 14 bed transition room are still in need of inpatient recovery, but require less specialized medical attention. This is their last stop in our center before they are ready to be discharged to go home with their families and continue in our outpatient program!

Before we move in, we need to add a few things to make this room comfortable and inviting for our kids. We’ll need some paint and supplies to get it looking welcoming and cheerful, and some shelves and cubbies to keep it organized and clean! We also need to add more high chairs and a few more cribs to fill this space that is bigger than our current transition room. Then, of course, there are all the little things that add up, like fans to keep the kids cool, and dishes for serving their very important and life saving meals!
Cost: $1,245
Percentage Covered: 28%
This room, with 10 cribs, is for our tiniest babies. We have made great strides in the past few months adding more specialized equipment to this area and sending our staff to ongoing training so that they are well equipped to care for these fragile little babies. Over the next year we anticipate seeing this part of our program grow quite a bit, and having this new room is a big part of that growth!

Our new NICU is much bigger than our current space and we are so excited to get it all fixed up and ready to welcome these little ones while they heal. For our new NICU, we need to add several isolation beds, as well as lots of custom-built shelving for all of the equipment that it takes to care for premature babies. Of course, we’ll need the basics, like paint and wall charts for each baby’s medical records, as well as fans to keep the warm Caribbean air circulating.
Parents' Housing
Cost: $935
Percentage Covered: 0%
This area is the place where we can minister specifically to the parents of children who are in our inpatient program. The parents sleep in this apartment while their children are healing upstairs in the inpatient area. This also gives them a place to sit and relax when they need to catch their breath, and to visit with other parents who are going through the same thing that they are. The most important thing about being able to offer the parents a comfortable place to stay, is that we are able to allow them to have an area that is quiet and calm so they can focus on their child’s healing, and learning all they can while they are here with us.

To make this a space that best serves the parents, we need to add a few little touches - like some comfortable living room furniture and cheerful artwork, as well as more practical items like new mattresses for the beds, storage units, and a table for mealtime.
Misc Moving Expenses
Cost: $930
Percentage Covered: 3%
These are our “day of” moving expenses! We have a LOT of things to get from our current building to our new property. We will need to purchase packing material for our most fragile medical equipment, and hire movers and trucks to help us get everything to our new home.
Cost: $1,520
Percentage Covered: 81%
The center of healing! Since our programs are all based on nutrition, this kitchen is where the magic happens! This is one of the biggest changes from our current space. Our new kitchen is a big, huge, beautiful space were our nutrition team will prepare all the meals for the children and their families. On average, 110 meals will be prepared every single day in this sacred room.

In order to get the most out of this area, we need to add a few touches of our own. The biggest thing we need to do is add a wall to seperate the kitchen from the other areas of the center so that we can keep it clean and secure. We also need to have shelving built in the storage area so that we can store several weeks of food and drinking water at a time. We need the obvious supplies for a kitchen, like fire alarms and extinguishers, and we would love to be able to get some new, bigger appliances to meet the ever-growing needs of all of our programs.
Office + Depot
Cost: $4,025
Percentage Covered: 83%
Our office area is where the administrative team works every day to keep Middle Ground up and running. We have added so many new staff members over the past year, and it’s an incredible blessing for us to be moving into a space big enough to house everyone. Also in the office area will be our main storage room where we keep all of the formula, toiletries, childcare stock, and cleaning supplies that we go through every week.

For this area, we need to add desks for everyone, as well as lots of cabinets for office storage. We also need to build shelves in our main storage room to keep everything organized and easy to find!
Cost: $780
Percentage Covered: 77%
This area is split into two sections: the back section, where we store all of our maintenance supplies and our electricity set-up (including our big generator that provides us with 24/7 electricity) and the front section, where our staff checks in for their shifts and changes into their uniforms.

We just need to do a few things to make this space work for us, including building a small locker and changing room, and adding some security by building iron gates to secure our electric equipment.
In-Patient Medical Station
Cost: $910
Percentage Covered: 37%
Our medical station inside of the inpatient center is always busy, as our nurses and doctor work around the clock to care for the little ones in our inpatient program and NICU. Previously, we have had no choice but to have our medical station inside of our small emergency room. But in the new building, our medical station will have its own dedicated space!

Our spacious new medical station will need a few finishing touches to make it best fit all of our needs. We need to get a new desk and some filing cabinets for storage, as well as some organization and filing supplies.
Staff Uniforms
Cost: $3,500
Percentage Covered: 0%
It’s been a year since we last replaced all of our staff uniforms - and 12 months of sick babies, peanut butter, and laundry-washed-by-hand have taken their toll! We have also added several new members to our team and everyone is a bit mismatched and pieced together right now. We are ready to treat our staff to beautiful new uniforms that they can wear with pride while they work.
Cost: $650
Percentage Covered: 0%
Our daycare is a new program that we are able to offer thanks to our expanded new space. Children of our administrative team, breastfed babies of any of our staff members, and children of families in our family preservation program will have the opportunity to take advantage of our daycare center while their parents are working.

We have lots of toys ready for the babies of the daycare, but we want to add some children-sized tables and chairs to their room, as well as a few things to make it cozy, like floor mats and wall fans. We also need to have some shelves built to store everything neatly.
Cost: $5,130
Percentage Covered: 49%
Since the beginning of the Malnutrition Recovery Center, all of our laundry has been washed by hand! Clothing, sheets, blankets, towels, and cloth diapers for 30 sick babies is no joke!! It takes two ladies more than five hours a day to keep all of the laundry cleaned, dried, and put away in closets. During rainy season it become impossible, since we rely on the sun to dry everything. All those challenges are why we so excited to be able to add a laundry room when we move to our new property! All of our laundry ladies will keep their jobs, but their roles will be changed a bit as we look forward to having washing machines and dryers to do much of the manual labor.

To furnish our new laundry room, we need 2 electric washing machines, and 2 gas dryers with a big propane tank to run them.
Business Classroom
Cost: $105
Percentage Covered: 100%
This classroom is the home of our small business training program. This is where we will host all of our small business classes and community groups, as well as our agriculture groups. This will also serve as a space where we can host small conferences and specific ongoing training classes.

This room just needs a little bit of cheerful artwork for the walls and a coat of paint for the table and chairs to be ready for our move-in day!
Counselling Room
Cost: $260
Percentage Covered: 100%
The 3rd room in our outpatient programs building is our private counseling space. This room provides a safe and private place for our staff, parents, and patients to meet with counselors from Espere Community Counseling Center. Our mental health program is one of our most important services that we offer our families and this room gives them a place where they can relax and find healing.

We need to add a few touches the make our counseling room as calming and comfortable as possible for those it ministers to. We need a lamp, some art for the walls, and two comfortable seats to finish up this space.
Critical Care Room
Cost: $1,060
Percentage Covered: 100%
Our six-bed critical care room is where we house the children with highest medical needs. Little ones who require oxygen, feeding tubes, and IVs spend their time in the critical care room under the careful observation of our medical team. For this room to be ready for us to move in, we need to have lots of shelving built, for storing both childcare supplies as well as medical equipment. We also need to have a few more custom cribs made, with sides that fold down for easy access for our staff.
Cost: $2,000
Percentage Covered: 100%
Through our partnership with Harvest 107, families of children in our programs are offered agricultural training. This garden space provides a place where they can learn new skills for providing for their families, no matter how much or little land they may have to work with!

Our new garden is on the roof, so a set of stairs to get up there is a must! We also need to add a railing to make the space safe, and build planter boxes for growing all those yummy veggies!
Moto for Center
Cost: $1,400
Percentage Covered: 100%
As you can imagine, we have a lot of errands that need to be run every day to keep Middle Ground going. The most cost effective way we have found to get these done is with a motorcycle! We have hired a driver and now we need to purchase a moto for him to use. This moto will have a handy removable box welded to the back where everything that we need to buy can be secured to be carried up the mountain. We’ll also put on a lot of miles transporting lab specimens and medical reports for all of our patients.