give a loan

Middle Ground offers a business training program to the families of our patients. Once participants complete and pass the training, they receive a certificate of participation which allows them to apply for a small business loan of $275. Parents are encouraged to start a business based on their passion and skills as well as what is practical in their community. So far, business ideas have ranged from starting a small commerce business to a farmer wanting to sell their produce at local markets. In order to apply for a loan parents must submit a full business plan.

Community visits are provided to see check on businesses each month. Along with visits, advice and ongoing support are given to all of our graduated entrepreneurs. This allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to have extra encouragement in their efforts and receive ongoing training in business concepts.

These small businesses give parents and caregivers the opportunity to be able to provide for their families. These loans are paid back over a period of 12 months and each repayment goes into a “Family Fund,” which is used to support families of children in our programs. Most of this support is given as grants to help cover medical costs if children need to be transferred to a hospital for further care. The interest on the loans is given back to the business owner upon their final payment.

All of our participants have received their loans. Stay tuned for the next round of participants!