Somewhere on the path between barely surviving and thriving is where you find Middle Ground. For families in the trenches of malnutrition and poverty the journey from where they are to where they desire to be is filled with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. It’s in this space that you find us. Deeply committed to walking with families during a brief, but life-changing season. In the spring of 2008, our founder, Rhyan Buettner arrived in Haiti for the very first time. It was a trip that set fire to a passion that is still alive and growing to this day. Volunteer opportunities with several local orphanages filled up the majority of Rhyan’s first years in Haiti, and it was in those places that a new and powerful dream began to emerge. A dream to see parents and caregivers empowered to care for their children, to see children living in the homes of their birth, and to see whole families thriving together. In 2010, Espwa Berlancia was founded and began the journey to where we are today. Initially a small program serving only a handful of children and their families, Espwa Berlancia slowly grew until 2016 when we opened the doors of our first inpatient malnutrition recovery center. Since then we have seen this passion explode – passion for healthy children growing up in strong families. Growing quickly but organically to include several programs which are all interwoven, we have seen expansion that we never could have dreamed of. In 2018, we followed this expansion by transitioning from Espwa Berlancia into what is now Middle Ground. Above all, we are motivated by the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. A perfect example of how to love others was shown by Jesus while he walked on earth and ultimately in His death on the cross. We seek to love generously and graciously as we walk alongside families on the road to recovery and sustainability. To read more about the faith that motivates us, check out our  Statement of Belief.


What started with one woman’s dream, is now a passionate group of individual working together to rescue children from malnutrition across the nation of Haiti.


We are committed to being good stewards of the generous donations given to us for our work, click here to see a closer look at how your donations are put to work.


Gain a deeper understanding of our inpatient treatment and our long-term approach to eradicating malnutrition in Haiti through several sustainable programs.