On April 26th, 2020 an impossibly tiny baby girl slipped into the world.

I-200014 Remancia TELUSMA_Admission_3

Remancia was born at a local hospital and was discharged to go home with her mama less than 6 hours later, even though she weighed less than 4lbs.

For 3 weeks this little fighter girl and her dedicated mama, Valencia struggled trying to breastfeed, until finally on May 18th their neighbor told them about Middle Ground. Valencia immediately set out on the 45-minute motorcycle and taptap journey to find help for her baby girl.

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When Remancia was admitted to Middle Ground she was 22 days old and she weighed just 3lbs 12oz. She was severely dehydrated, anemic, and was so weak she was unable to breastfeed. An IV was placed right away, and Remancia was started on F75 therapeutic formula to stabilize.

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For 10 days Remancia was treated with F75 before she graduated to infant formula. She and Valencia spent an additional 34 days in our inpatient until before they were finally ready to be transferred to our formula program and discharged to return home.

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On the formula program, Remancia and Valencia came to Middle Ground every 2 weeks so that Remancia could be seen by our medical staff. There she was weighed and thoroughly checked for any health complications, and Valencia participated in our ongoing health education classes. At the end of the visit, they were given enough formula to keep Remancia’s belly full until their next appointment.

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Remancia spent 11 months in our formula program and was finally discharged in May 2021, when she turned a year old. She weighed 16lbs 7oz.

I-200014 Remancia TELUSMA_Feb21_2

Remancia and Valencia are a dynamic mother-daughter duo, and we cannot wait to see all the ways that these two precious women will continue to grow and thrive in the months to come, as they participate in our follow up program.

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A donation of $50 a month meant that Valencia had access to infant formula, which saved her daughter’s life. Your gift could make the same impact for a mother and baby in one of our programs today.


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