In the early morning hours of May 6th, 2021 a tiny little girl set out from her home in the mountains above Port Au Prince, Haiti. The sun hadn't even risen over the peeks behind her when she began her journey, first on foot, then a motorcycle taxi before finally reaching a road with a bus (taptap) station. For more than 5 hours she traveled up and down mountain paths before she reached her destination. Her name was Mirlande and she had left her village on a quest to find a place that her family was told could help "kids like her". By the time she arrived outside our gates Mirlande was exhausted and week. At 10 years old this fierce little girl weighed just shy of 38lbs.

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As soon as our triage nurse saw Mirlande she moved her directly to the front of the line of patients waiting to be seen. It was clear just from a glance that this little girl was very sick. After being examined by our doctor Mirlande was diagnosed with kwashiorkor, a type of severe malnutrition that is caused by a protein deficiency and causes swelling in the feet, legs, and hands, and in the most severe cases, extending into the face. Mirlande's swelling was still contained to her feet and lower legs, meaning that she was in the early stages of kwashiorkor. It seemed like she had found help just in time.

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Once Mirlande was admitted she began her treatment with a diet of special milk developed specifically for treating pediatric malnutrition called F75.


For 9 days Mirlande drank F75 every 4 hours around the clock. Slowly her body began to shed its edema. On the 10th day of treatment, her swelling was finally completely gone and she reached her lowest weight, 37lbs. She had been carrying a whole pound of water weight in her tiny little feet.

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During her time in inpatient treatment, Mirlande consumed nearly 75 saches of medika mamba and added 7lbs of healthy fat and muscle to her body. She transformed from a weak and weary girl to a vibrant and vivacious little lady. Once Mirlande's swelling was gone she graduated to our medika mamba treatment protocol. She ate her carefully measured mamba every 2 hours round the clock, consuming 7 saches every 24 hours. This meant her body was being fueled with an incredible 3,500 calories a day. Mirlande quickly began to respond to the increase in protein and vitamins in her diet and we watched in astonishment as she rapidly began to grow.
Just 19 days after reaching her lowest weight, and 28 days after her admission for inpatient care Mirlande was declared fully recovered by our doctor. She was ready to go home.

Next week Mirlande will turn 11 years old! She is alive to see her birthday because of the care she received at Middle Ground, and she has hope for a future filled with joy, adventures, and powerful world-changing through our school sponsorship and ongoing sustainability programs.

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The healing that happens at Middle Ground is possible because ordinary people, just like you have given generously to support our programs in Haiti. When you make a donation in any amount to Middle Ground you are joining us as we declare healing and miracles and LIFE.

Will you give a gift today to save the life of the next little one who walks through our gates?


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