Beginning the Battle - February 2021 New Admissions

Although February is a short month, the past 28 days were packed with new admissions at Middle Ground. We enrolled 6 new babies into our inpatient treatment program this month, and today I want to give you a peek at these little warrior babies.

Copy of I-210004 Kerry PIERRE_Intake_5

On the 5th of February, just 4 days after celebrating his first birthday, little Kerry was admitted for inpatient care, he weighed only 13lbs. I first introduced you to Kerry in last month's blog. He and his mama were referred to Middle Ground by the mother of a child who was treated in our program in 2019. This mama, who watched her own daughter heal at Middle Ground, has referred dozens of children to our inpatient program, and I have no doubt that Kerry is alive today because Rose Marie advocated for him!

Kerry will be ready to return home soon, and we can't wait to hear what his guardian angle, Rose Marie has to say about his transformation!

Copy of I-210005 Michelson DELPHONE_Intake_8

February 9th brought us 2.5 year old Michelson who weighed in at 20lbs and was suffering from severe marasmus (wasting) malnutrition.

Michelson was brought to our center by his mama, who has stayed by his side through every moment of his recovery. The two of them will soon be able to return home to show their neighbors the transformation that Medika Mamba did in Michelson.

Copy of I-210006 Wilguens JULIEN_Intake_11

On February 16th, Baby Riguens arrived in our triage area in the arms of his mother. They had traveled several hours from their remote mountain village and by the time they got to Middle Ground Riguens was critically ill.

He was 7 months old, weighed only 7lbs, and he was swollen with kwashiorkor.

Our medical staff quickly set to work on getting Riguens settled into a warm bed and on a very careful feeding schedule. He spent several days under close observation before he was final stable and we began to see him change.

Today, just 11 days later, Riguens is still tiny, but every day he gets a bit bigger and a bit stronger. His mama, Merina has been his biggest cheerleader, and we have loved watching the two of them grow together during their time with us.

I-210007 Jayson Daliando LAGUERRE_Deceased_8

On February 20th, one month old baby Jayson was brought to Middle Ground from Citie Soleli, an area about an hour from our clinic.

He was in critical condtion. He weighed only 4.5lbs and was suffering from severe malnutrition, dehydration and several additional, serious complications.

Our medical team worked tirelessly, fighting for little Jayson, but unfortunately just a few hours after he arrived outside our gates he passed away.

We will continue to focus on building our  community advocacy program through 2021, in the hopes that the caregivers who are educated and empowered through our efforts will go into their communities and intervene in cases like Jaysons. We pray that as we empower these men and women, they will go to their homes and share what they learned, so that families will be strengthened and children's needs will be met with confidence and connection.

Copy of I-210008 Christelle SAINT-LUC_Intake_6

On the 22nd of February another tiny baby was added to our group, with the arrival of Christelle.

Christelle is 2 months old and weighs 6lbs. She is fighting malnutrition as well as a severe skin infection. She is a tiny little princess, but she has a fight in her that has carried her this far, we know that she will only continue to fight, and win her battle in the days to come.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-28 at 7.56.59 PM

Finally, just 3 days ago we admitted our final February baby, 4 month old Woodnaelle. This precious baby girl weighs only 6lbs and is still in very serious condition.

Woodnaelle's mama is by her side, praying for her daughter. They have both known a lot of pain, but at Middle Ground we believe in speaking life, and we will fight for the life of little Woodnaelle with everything we have.

I pray that next month I'll be joyfully sharing with you a photo of a baby girl who beat all the odds, I pray that we will weap together for the miracle of her life. Please join me in claiming this prayer of healing for Woodnaelle.

Over the next few weeks I will spend many hours in prayer for Kerry, Michelson, RIguens, Christelle and Woodnaelle, will you pray for them with me? I will also be holding Jayson's mama, and the rest of his families close, and pray immeasurable comfort and healing for their hearts as they mourn the loss of their baby boy. Please join me in lifting them up to Jesus.

There is no doubt that March will hold even more situations where we at Middle Ground will be called upon to extend our series and our support. Thank you for enabling us to continue to intervene in the lives of these children and their families.




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