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October Admits

We have continued to see the numbers of families seeking assistance at Middle Ground rise through the month of October, and more days than not, all of the beds we have available for inpatient care are filled with little ones in various stages of recovery. In the past 30 days, we have admitted 12 new patients for treatment.

On October 1st 3 month old, 4.5lb baby “L” was admitted. L was severely malnourished and suffering from a horrible skin infection. Tiny L fought hard for 2 days after being admitted but despite excellent care from our medical team the infection proved too strong for her little body and L passed away on October 3rd.

I-200036 Luckna CASIMIR_Deceased_24

On the 3rd of October, 23 month old "B" was admitted after being referred by another local clinic. B was suffering from kwashiorkor and weighed 15lb 8oz. B responded to treatment very well and recovered so quickly that he only required 20 days of inpatient care. On October 21st B was able to return home with his mother, healthy and fully recovered from his bout with malnutrition.


October 9th brought us 5 month old "A" who weighed 8lbs 14oz. A was diagnosed by our pediatrician with kwashiorkor and started on a treatment of F75 formula before graduating to regular infant formula. A is accompanied by his mama who is spending her time learning all about how to properly care for her baby boy.

I-200038 Alande JACQUES_Intake_13

On the 12th of October 9 month old “W” was brought to Middle Ground by his mother. W weighed only 12lbs and was suffering from marasmus malnutrition. W was initially treated with F75 milk before graduating to Medika Mamba. Little W and his very young mama will both benefit greatly from the hands-on education that our medical staff gives to each patient and caregiver during their time at Middle Ground.

I-200039 Woodensley JEAN-FRANCOIS_Intake_11

October 14th brought us 2 more babies swollen with kwashiorkor. "E", a 2-year-old boy and a 3-year-old little girl, “L” both E and L weighed just about 17lbs, and both were badly swollen. Each of these sweet babies started their treatment with F75 milk. L has graduated to mamba, while E continues to be treated with therapeutic formula.


On October 16 a large group came to Middle Ground after being referred to us by a local clinic. Three babies between 6 months and a year old in the group were severely malnourished and admitted for treatment. 1 year old “L” is accompanied by her mother, who is also being treated by our medical and support staff for her own health issues. Also included in the group was 1 year old "C" who’s mother is staying with him. C has 5 other brothers and sisters at home and the situation that the family is in is very difficult. We are hopeful that C’s mother will understand, through her time at Middle Ground that her family is loved, and that we believe that their future can be one of hope and beauty. Rounding out the group was 8 month old “D” who weighed just 8lbs. D’s mama is staying with her and we have loved seeing her open up as she gets more comfortable and confident in her abilities to care for her daughter.


Just a few hours after the admission of those 3 babies, 6 year old “M” arrived at Middle Ground with her mother. M weighed just 30lbs and was also suffering from a skin infection. “M” began treatment with Medika Mamba right away and is already gaining weight and strength.

I-200042 Magalita ORVILUS_Intake_4

On October 21st tiny little 6lb baby “J” was admitted with his mama who is only 17 years old. J was immediately put on a treatment of enriched milk and F100 to supplement his breastfeeding. It’s is our hope that with lots of support and hard work, J will be able to return to fully breastfeeding before he is discharged from our inpatient unit.

I-200046 Jamesley ANDRE_Intake_16

Finally, on October 16 month old “M-B”, who weighed 14lbs 8oz was admitted for treatment of marasmus. M-B’s mother is staying with her. M-B is still in the beginning days of her treatment, she is being given F75 in the hopes that she will soon be well enough to graduate to Medika Mamba.

I-200047 Marie Beliata LOUIS_Intake_9

What a full, busy month of admissions! Will you please join me in praying for B, A, W, E, L, M, C, L, D, J, M-B, and their caregivers. It is my prayer that each of these little ones and the adults who care for them would find a type of healing at Middle Ground that transforms their entire lives. Please pray for this hope with me. Please also join me as I remember the family of little “L” pray with me for peace and comfort for them in these difficult days following the loss of their baby girl.




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