Beginning the Battle

August Admits

The beginning of August was busy at Middle Ground, with 6 little ones admitted in the first half of the month. We saw more severe cases than we have seen in many weeks and our staff were busy keeping everyone medically stable, as well as comforting parents and getting them settled in and used to life at Middle Ground.

On August 6th two little girls, “DS” and “DA” were admitted within a few hours of each other.

DS is from an area just a few blocks away from Middle Ground. Her mama Marie Michelle brought her to our gates because she was sick with a cough, diarrhea and lack of appetite. When she was first admitted she weighed just over 14lbs and had just turned 16 months old.. DS struggled with tolerating F75 and didn’t want to drink the milk but her mama spent hours coaxing her to eat until she finally began accepting the milk and then mamba. DS is starting to feel better, she is smiling and playing with our staff and her mama more and more every day.

I-200023 Dallia SAINT JUSTE_Intake_22

“DA”, who was also admitted on the 6th, was six months old and weighed 7.5lbs. She was brought to a local clinic where they noticed that she was very sick with kwashiorkor and immediately called us. We accepted the referral but by the time she arrived at Middle Ground her condition was critical. Our staff worked tirelessly and did everything that they could for baby DA, but, unfortunately about 8 hours after being admitted, DA passed away from complications of malnutrition. DA was the only child for her mother F and father H. Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of their baby girl.

I-200024 Dorissa ANTOINE_Deceased_4

On the 8th of August 13 month old “A” who had just graduated from our formula program 4 weeks earlier, came for a follow up appointment with our medical staff. Unfortunately the transition off of formula was difficult for A and he had developed kwashiorkor. A was quickly admitted into inpatient care with his father by his side. A dedicated follow up schedule for the children who have graduated from our programs meant that we caught A’s kwashiorkor early and he will recover quite quickly. A’s dad Gesner is spending a lot of this time participating in our education classes which will allow him to know the very best ways to take care of A when they return home again.

F-190010 Adriano MERZIER_Readmission_9

On August 12th 11 month old “DJ” was brought to Middle Ground by his mother Genèse, they had been referred to us by the parent of a previous patient. On the day he was admitted he weighed 12lbs 4oz and was suffering from marasmus malnutrition. DJ is the 8th child born to his parents, he has one sibling who died of malnutrition. D first began treatment with F75 milk and is working on graduating to Medika Mamba.

I-200025 Derson JEAN_Admission_15

On August 16th 19 month old baby girl “B” was sick in a local hospital, but because her father couldn’t pay for the medication that they prescribed for her, they were discharged. Thankfully, our driver Dorian knew the family, realized how sick she was, and told B’s dad to bring her to Middle Ground. B was very sick for the first few days, we worried a lot about her and wondered more than once if she had the strength to keep fighting. Thankfully, B is fierce, and after only a few days of touch and go, she began to recover rapidly. B is on F75 formula and working towards adding Medika Mamba to her diet. B’s daddy, V. is staying with her and it’s beautiful to see the dedication and love he pours into his little girl.

I-200026 Betilove CONSTANT_Admission_15

Finally, on August 17th we admitted the 3.5 year old “C”. C’s baby brother is currently being treated in our inpatient program, during their home visit our social worker observed C in the home and requested that she be brought to Middle Ground to be assessed by the medical staff. Upon arrival, 25lb, C was found to have moderate malnutrition, but knowing that her mother was staying with her baby brother at Middle Ground, we had concerns that her condition could rapidly deteriorate if she stayed at home. We made the decision to admit C for treatment alongside her baby brother. Their mama, Fortuma is very glad to have both of her babies with her while they recieve treatment and education together as a family. C is being treated with Medika Mamba.

I-200027 Christlove FORTIMA_Admission_14 (1)

Will you pray with me for C, B, DJ, A, DS and their moms and dads. Pray that these little ones would continue to heal and recover, and pray that each of these parents would receive the education and tools that they need during their stay to transform the lives of their children. Please also remember the family of DA as they mourn the loss of their precious daughter.



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