Beginning the Battle

June Admits

These are the babies who are just beginning their battle against severe malnutrition.  Meet the little ones who were admitted into our inpatient treatment program over the past month. 

7 month old baby girl “M” was admitted into inpatient care on June 15th. Little “M” had been sick with diarrhea and vomiting for several weeks, which had caused her to become malnourished. When she was admitted “M” weighed just 10lbs. M’s fiercely dedicated mama, Richnise is staying with her at Middle Ground. We are excited to watch M heal and for all the things that Richnise will learn during their stay with us. M started her treatment with F75 milk before moving on to the Medika Mamaba protocol.

On June 25th 6 month old “M-A” was brought to Middle Ground by her mother, Marie-Yoline. “M-A” had stopped breastfeeding a few weeks prior and her health quickly deteriorated. She became swollen and on by the time she was admitted into our treatment she was severely sick. On the day that M-A was admitted to our program she weighed 7lbs 13oz, a significant bit of that weight being made up of “water weight” or swelling. Sweet little M-A is still in the scary first few days of her treatment. She is in a lot of pain and struggling to find a foothold. Marie-Yoline is a dedicated mama and is by her daughters bedside day and night comforting and caring for her. M-A is currently being treated with F75 formula.

Please pray with me for Marie-Yoline and Richnise and their daughters “M” and “M-A” pray that these little girls will find healing and peace during their time at Middle Ground, and that these two mamas will be encouraged and renewed by all the things they learn and the people they interact with during their time at Middle Ground.



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