Beginning the Battle

May Admits

Meet the May babies of Middle Ground. These are the little ones who were admitted into our inpatient treatment program over the past month. 

“J” is a precious little 3.5 year old boy who was admitted into our care on May 4th. He was sent to our program after being treated at the local children’s hospital for almost 3 months. When J arrived at the hospital pretty much everyone expected him to die but he is a fierce fighter and he recovered from one of the most severe cases of malnutrition I have ever personally seen. When he was ready to leave the hospital “J” and his daddy needed a bit of a slow transition back to home life to make sure that J would not become malnourished again while he was still so fragile. J arrived at Middle Ground weighing 25lbs 1oz. He and his father, Norcius spent 24 days at Middle Ground before returning to their home in the far north-west region of Haiti.

6 month old “E” was admitted to our inpatient program on May 11th. He was suffering from kwashiorkor malnutrition. Upon admission he was severely swollen and weighed 10lbs 8oz. E’s mother, Fabienne is staying with him at Middle Ground. 

On May 18th 3 week old baby “R” was brought to Middle Ground by her mother, Valencia. R was born prematurely at a local hospital and sent home within hours of her birth.  On the day that she was admitted to our program she weighed 3lbs 12oz. “R” had several days of IV antibiotics and now she and her mama are working hard to establish breastfeeding. Thanks to a generous donation of breast milk R is receiving supplemental milk while they work hard to increase mama’s milk production. 

“M” is our newest admission to Middle Ground, arriving on May 24th. M is 12 months old and weighs 17lbs 12oz. When M arrived she was suffering from a terrible skin infection and she has courageously fought through the pain of that infection coupled with malnutrition for the past several days. “M” is brave and she is just beginning her big battle with her mother, Ludmia by her side. 

Please pray with me for J, E, R, M and their parents as they fight against malnutrition. Pray that they find healing and hope during their time at Middle Ground, and pray that they will take the things they learn here and share them with those around them when they return home.



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