Where Are They Now?

Dieunie & Dieunica

Today is a two-for-one transformation. Twins Dieunie and Dieunica are quite popular little girls around the Middle Ground campus.

When these girls were 22 months old they were identified at a rural mobile clinic in our area as suffering from severe malnutrition. They were referred to Middle Ground and when they arrived we found that while both were very sick with malnutrition little Dieunica also had critically low oxygen saturation that did not seem to be a result of that malnutrition.

As the days passed by we watched as Dieunie began to get bigger and stronger while her sister continued to struggle to recover. Our doctor suspected that Dieunica had a heart defect and we sent her for further testing where those suspicions were confirmed. We were told that Dieunica would need surgery, and soon!

Unfortunately the care and procedures that Dieunica needed were not available in Haiti, so we set out on the journey of securing her treatment. We were so thankful that Haiti Cardiac Alliance agreed to take on her case, and through their connections Dieunica and her mother traveled to neighboring Dominican Republic where little Dieunica received the first procedure of several that have been mapped out for her treatment. The doctors are full of hope for her and her prospects for a full healing very soon.

While waiting for her next surgery Dieunica and her mama are back home in the mountains of Haiti with Dieunie and the rest of their family. Dieunica continues to blow us all away with the strength, determination and grace with which she has walked this difficult journey over the past 2 years.

From struggling at 16 and 14lbs respectively Dieunie and Dieunica are now healthy 4 year old little girls who are in preschool and growing, learning and THRIVING at their home with their family.

When you support Middle Ground you support siblings being given the opportunity to grow up together, healthy and strong and whole. Thank you for believing and treasuring the preservation of Haitian families.

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*Photos and story shared with permission



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