November 2018 Statistics

Number of children served: 2
Number of families: 2
Mamba sachets used: 947
Lunches served: 947
Cans of formula used: 38

Inpatient Malnutrition Program

Inpatient admissions: 1
Inpatient transfered to hospital: 1
Inpatient transfers to other MG program: 3

Outpatient Malnutrition Program

Outpatient admissions: 3
Outpatient graduations: 1
Outpatient remove by administration: 4

NICU Program

NICU admissions: 1
NICU deceased: 1
NICU transfers to other MG program: 1

Formula Program 

Formula program admissions: 1
Formula program graduations: 1

Current at end of month (all programs): 38

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