Month: October 2018

Reflections from the Medical Director

Here is what I’ve learned in my 5 months in the fight against child malnutrition in Haiti: Malnutrition – to many in the outside world malnutrition is pictured as severe muscle wasting and swollen bellies. However, there are other significant signs of malnutrition and sometimes there aren’t noticeable weight loss, yet there are subtle signs …

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September 2018 Statistics

Number of children served: 18 Number of families served: 14 Mamba used:1959 Meals served: 1298 Number of formula cans used: 85 Inpatient Program:  Admissions: 8 Graduations: 1 Deceased: 2 Transfered to outpatient program: 1 Other: 1 (1 referred to outside facility) Outpatient Program: Admissions: 6 Re-admissions: 1 Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 5 NICU Program: …

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