July 2018 Statistics

July was a quiet month for us – which was a blessing as we are in full-preparation mode for our move. After a few very hard months, it was nice to have things slow down and to celebrate healing and transformations!

Number of new children served: 5
Number of new families served: 4
Mamba used: 1,397.5
Lunches served: 591
Number of formula cans used: 29
Number of meal packs given: 591

Inpatient Program: 
Admissions: 3
Readmissions: 0
Graduations: 1
Deceased: 1
Transfered to outpatient program: 7
Other: 0

Outpatient Program:
Admissions: 7
Re-admissions: 0
Graduations: 3
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 2
Other: 0

NICU Program:
Admissions: 0
Graduations: 0
Deceased: 0
Transfered to formula program: 2
Other: 0

Formula Program: 
Admissions: 2
Graduations: 0
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 0

Maternal Health Program: 
Admissions: 2
Discharged by administration (missed appointments): 0

Other Programs: 
Business class graduates: 0
Business loans given: 0
Agriculture participants: 0

Current children across all programs at end of the month: 61

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