June 2018 Statistics

June was a very busy and difficult month for us here at Middle Ground, which is reflected in our monthly numbers. We had 25 new intakes into our programs, and 16 children were discharged / graduated. We had an outbreak of chickenpox, which forced us to isolate the children to stop the spread of the virus. We also very sadly had to say goodbye to three precious children, two dying here at the center and one at the hospital.

Number of children served: 20
Number of families served: 15
Mamba used: 2,903.5
Lunches served: 1,203
Number of formula cans used: 115
Number of meal packs given: 15

Inpatient Program: 
Admissions: 8
Readmissions: 0
Graduations: 3
Deceased: 2
Transfered to outpatient program: 1
Other: 1 (1 left Against Medical Advice)

Outpatient Program:
Admissions: 7
Re-admissions: 0
Graduations: 2
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 2
Other: 0

NICU Program:
Admissions: 2
Graduations: 1
Deceased: 1
Transfered to formula program: 4
Other: 0

Formula Program: 
Admissions: 4
Graduations: 1
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 0

Maternal Health Program: 
Admissions: 4
Discharged by administration (missed appointments): 7

Other Programs: 
Business class graduates: 0
Business loans given: 6
Agriculture participants: 0

Current children across all programs at end of the month: 66

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