When Joulita was referred to us by another clinic in January 2017, she had already been treated for malnutrition twice. She was 2.5 years old and weighed 12lbs 5oz. Her first several days were touch and go, as she was a very sick little girl, but she finally turned a corner! On July 18th 2017, Joulita was discharged to go home with her family weighing almost 18lbs!

After Joulita went home, her mother came back and participated in our small business training program. We were a little worried because her pre-class test score was 0 – meaning she didn’t not have an understanding of any basic business principles. But Vixama quickly proved us all wrong. After just one class session, her score on the knowledge test went from 0% to 100%, she blew us all away.

Vixama was approved for a business loan in February and quickly had a successful boutique (selling dry food, toiletries, cleaning supplies) up and running. 3 months after opening her business, the market where Vixama had set up her boutique suffered a devastating fire. But Vixama was not discouraged, she was able to use savings from her previous profits to purchase more inventory and went right back to work, this time selling in a new area.

Vixama is providing for her family and the pride that she has in doing so is inspiring to all of us and the parents who she’s encouraged every time she comes to the center to visit.

*Update* In June 2018, Joulita passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at home. After her death the remainder of Vixama loan was paid off by generous donors. Her businesses is still running successfully.


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