Tiny baby Wilson was brought to the Middle Ground center in August 2017. At one month old, he weighed 7lbs 2oz. His mom, Gladice, was struggling to breastfeed Wilson, and so he wasn’t gaining any weight.

Gladice wanted us to give her formula for Wilson, but we felt confident that with a little education and assistance, she would be able to successfully feed her son with breastmilk. Our staff spent one-on-one time with Gladice everyday providing breastfeeding support, and it wasn’t long before baby Wilson started to gain weight!

During the time Wilson spent at the center, Gladice started to learn more about the signs of malnutrition and realized that her daughter was moderately malnourished. She brought Gladina, her almost three year old little girl, to the center to be admitted into our inpatient program.

Wilson and Gladina bought gained weight and became healthier at the clinic, and were soon discharged to return home with their mama. Gladice has not only learned about breastfeeding, but also proper nutritional care. She faithfully brings her children to every single follow-up appointment, proudly showing off her healthy littles. And because of Gladice’s obvious dedication to her children’s well-being, we have invited her to participate in our next business class!


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