May 2018 Statistics

At the beginning of May, we celebrated our two year anniversary as a malnutrition clinic. This month, we had 19 new admissions into our programs, and 11 children were discharged / graduated. We witnessed stories of healing and also stories of heartbreak. Unfortunately, such is life on this tiny island in the Caribbean. Thank you for praying for us and with us.

Number of children served: 18
Number of families served: 14
Mamba used:1959
Lunches served: 1298
Number of formula cans used: 85
Inpatient Program: 
Admissions: 8
Graduations: 1
Deceased: 2
Transfered to outpatient program: 1
Other: 1 (1 referred to outside facility)
Outpatient Program:
Admissions: 6
Re-admissions: 1
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 5
NICU Program:
Admissions: 2
Graduations: 1
Transfered to formula program: 1
Other: 1 (Hospital)
Formula Program: 
Admissions: 1
Graduations: 2
Discharge by administration (missed appointments): 1
Maternal Health Program: 
Admissions: 2
Other Programs: 
Business class graduates: 5
Agriculture participants: 10
Current children across all programs at end of the month: 62

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