Surin is one of our faithful employees who has worked for Middle Ground for over a year, washing laundry for all of the kids. Surin found out she was expecting her third child right around the time we were developing our new maternal health program and was the first woman admitted once we launched the program. On December 20, 2017, Surin’s son, Schneider, was born weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. Every month, Surin and Schneider come to the center for a check up and to participate in education classes, and Surin loves showing her big boy off to all the new mamas. She encourages all of them to exclusively breastfeed their babies and shows them how fat Schneider is now weighing 18lbs!

When Schneider was 3 months old, Surin returned to work at the center, bringing Schnieder along with her so that he can nurse whenever he needs! Everyone in the center, visitors included, always comment on how fat and happy Schneider is. Surin is always thrilled by the encouragement she recieves to be such a good mama to her little boy.


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