Mariline was referred to us when she was 4 months old. She was in the care of her elderly grandmother, who had been feeding her a thick cornmeal and water mixture through a bottle with the top of the nipple cut off. Mariline’s mother had died during childbirth and although there was a lack of education on what was best to keep Mariline healthy – it was clear her grandmother loved her dearly and was doing the best she could to care for her.  

On the day that she was admitted into our formula program Mariline weighed 12lbs 5oz and was lethargic and sickly. After coming each week for checkups with our medical staff, and getting more formula to take home, Mariline began to change right before our eyes. When she turned one year old, Mariline graduated from our formula weighing over 21lbs!

Mariline’s grandma took the education that she received during her time with us and has been faithful in all of her follow up appointments. We are thrilled to see Mariline has survived her first year and is growing up strong and healthy in her home with her family!


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