When Talita and her father first arrived at our gates in October 2017, we were devastated to have to turn them away. For the very first time, we had to say no to a child due to financial struggles. Thankfully, that weekend we were able to appeal to our donors and the results were encouraging. We called Talita’s father two days later and tell him to bring her back – we now had the resources to treat her! Talita was immediately admitted into inpatient care and at 2 years old we found out she weighed just 11lbs.

Talita and her father spent the next 4 months in our programs, first being treated in the inpatient center and then graduating to outpatient care. When she finally fully graduated in the end of January 2018, Talita weighed an impressive 17lbs 4oz and was full of joy and mischief. Now when Talita comes for follow up visits, we see a little girl running and playing – the way only healthy and well-loved children do.


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