In October 2017, Nachmey arrived at Middle Ground, and our nurses found that this 3.5 year old little girl was suffering from moderate malnutrition. She weighed 24lbs 11oz and was frequently sick with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea.

Each week Nachmey and her mama came to the recovery center to pick up her mamba and to participate in our education classes. Not only did Nachmey get mamba each week to aid in her recovery, her mama also got the education she needed to change their diet at home! They began eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and added more meat to their diet. By the time she was discharged Nachmey weighed 28lbs 9oz and was no longer tired or sick all the time.

Now when Nachmey comes back to visit us, she runs confidently to greet everyone with a kiss and a smile. She knows that she is loved and cherished when she comes inside of our gates!


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