On November 25, 2016, 12 year old Nando was admitted into our inpatient program weighing just 25 pounds! Nando needed inpatient care for over 4 months, and there were many scary moments in his recovery. By the time Nando left to return home he weighed over 40 pounds and had captured the hearts of every single person at Middle Ground.

On July 7, 2017, Nando arrived for a follow up appointment. Our nurses found that he had lost 6 pounds, so he was admitted for care for a second time. During his second round of treatment, Nando stayed with us for three more months and he was discharged weighing just over 45 pounds.  

During his second stay with us, Nando’s dad was invited to participate in agriculture classes (put on by Harvest 107) where he learned all about the importance of eating vegetables and how to cultivate his own garden at home. Since that class, Nando’s family has gone from eating vegetables once a week to three times a week and are harvesting more crops than ever before thanks to the techniques they learned at Middle Ground. Nando has now been able to remain healthy at home, and in his parents’ care for almost a year. He’s looking forward to starting school for the very first time this fall!


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