one in ten children

are severely malnourished in Haiti and one in five are underweight. Recent reports estimate more than 500 people are dying daily due to starvation. We are fighting to stand in the gap and help children overcome these staggering statistics.

39,000+ CHILDREN 

are estimated to be living in orphanages in Haiti. More than 80% of these children have living parents, they’re abandoned due to the extreme poverty. We are fighting to provide families the opportunity to care for their children and stay together.


With an extremely high unemployment rate, families are very vulnerable as they search for sustainable ways to earn an income. We are fighting to create ongoing, sustainable opportunities for each family that we serve through our outreach programs.

less than 5% graduate

from high school, so we are fighting to provide school sponsorship for each children that graduates from our malnutrition treatment program, ensuring they we will always have access to an education and can achieve their greatest dreams.


families engaged through our programs


sachets of medika mamba consumed


children treated and healed from malnourishment


meals served to nourish children and caretakers

It’s that time of year again!

Help us send 187 children to school

In our commitment to shaping the future of families in Haiti, we provide scholarships for children who have participated in our malnutrition programs. Education plays a crucial role in long-term sustainability, yet in Haiti, it comes at a cost that many families cannot bear because school fees are so high. By offering scholarships, we alleviate financial burdens and ensure that children can access education. This effort is central to our mission in empowering Haiti’s future generations.

by standing on MIDDLE GROUND with us,

YOU are helping children like Wilson overcome severe malnourishment.

Twelve-year-old, Wilson, came to Middle Ground in September 2023 severely malnourished and fragile. He spent 45 days in our inpatient program and was a completely new child by the time he was discharged! His treatment included lots of mamba and care by our medical staff; he consumed 74 mamba packets during his stay and gained more than 11 pounds.  By joining the Coalition, your monthly donation makes these miraculous transformations possible.

Our Annual Report for 2023 is now complete!

We are in awe of the impact that was had despite the near-impossible conditions on the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We are thankful for each family & child that found their way to Middle Ground, our staff’s ability to keep showing up to work each day AND for each miraculous healing & transformation that happened for so many children!